Yalta Craft New Boat Warranty Policy 

All Yalta Craft Boats have a 7 year structural warranty from time of purchase. This only applies to the boat shell specifically excluding cosmetic defects occurring in gelcoat, flowcoat, fabrics, clears ect.
All fitted accessories carry their manufacturers own warranty (windscreens, Brake pumps, sounders ect.) Yalta Craft Boats will NOT warrant boats, which have been improperly trailed.
All claims will be assessed and may require returning to factory for rectification. Delivery to the factory at owners expense.

Warranty is not transferable. 


  1. Hose your boat off inside and out with fresh water after each use.

  2. Ensure that the bungs are removed & the boat is stored in a bow up tilted position to allow moisture in the hull to drain.

  3. Ensure that the interior of the boat is dry & left clean before storage.

  4. When the boat is not in use, the batteries should be turned off at the isolator switch.

  5. Do not stow wet lines in the boat as mould & mildew may result

  6. Use fresh water only to wash windscreen and clears.

  7. Inspect fuel tank hoses & clamps annually. Tighten clamps as necessary.

  8. Before using your boat, check bilge pump, navigation lights and electrics to ensure in working order.


As possible commercial applications and the conditions of usage vary so much, and as success depends on the capability of the user, YALTA CRAFT BOATS. cannot warrant boats used commercially (except at our total discretion) or warrant that YALTA CRAFT BOATS are suitable for any particular commercial application. In this regard the purchaser must satisfy themself.